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Marvell/Yukon (msk) and NFS root issues and some newbie questions

Hello all,

just joined the list and noticed somebody else wrote a mail about Marvell ethernet adapters, so here's some more.

I'm kind of new to NetBSD and have some questions. I installed NetBSD 4.0.1 on a NFS+DHCP+TFTP server to be used by a Fujitsu Lifebook P1610 laptop that has a Marvell/Yukon SysKonnekt ethernet adapter. I ran into some problems with it and would be delighted if anyone knew how to fix them.

i) When the laptop has loaded the kernel from NFS and tries to mount the root filesystem after probing device and stuff, something like
boot device: <unknown>
root device:   [prompting for the root device...]
appears on the console. When I type msk0 and hit return to the rest of the questions, the laptop gets an IP again from DHCP and mounts the root filesystem and continues to boot.

ii) after i), kernel asks where the /sbin/init is and the prompt defaults to /sbin/init, and pressing enter makes the machine continue and really start the init process... why? Because of i)?

iii) When the machine is up and running, networking works really oddly. The laptop can't ping anything, including self. DNS lookups work. SSH:ing to another machine in the same private subnet works. Ftp doesn't work (which is sad since pkg_add doesn't work either). Routing table is OK and the laptop is pingable by other computers in the same subnet.

I noticed that in the kernel config (GENERIC) there's a line that says 'config netbsd root on ? type ?', so if I change that to 'config netbsd root on msk0 type nfs' and recompile, I should get rid of the root device prompt while booting?

Also, assuming that some development is going on with the NetBSD kernel and the msk driver all the time, would it be a good idea to troubleshoot the msk driver problems by using the newest 5.x kernel? Can I do that with the rest of the OS and binaries being 4.x?

Any help would be appreciated! Some time ago I was doing some kernel and userland networking software hacking on some other BSD (a proprietary OS forked from FreeBSD 2.x) at work, and I'm a bit excited to learn some NetBSD now.

ossi v

Ossi Väänänen, DI  **  **

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