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packet filters for NetBSD in the future

I am curious about the future direction of NetBSD with regard to packet
filtering.  Here is why:

1) An intention to replace ipfilter with pf has been announced, but:
        * This appears to be largely on the ground that ipfilter is
          unmaintained in our tree, and

        * pf is also currently unmaintained in our tree.

2) pf is considerably simpler than ipfilter (mostly, it seems, because it
   is much newer and has less historical portability baggage).

3) We have third and fourth filter engines in our tree, the ipsec security
   policy engine and the altq classification engine.  This is clearly
   redundant both in the source tree and at runtime (at runtime, doing
   PFIL_HOOKS filters and then two other kinds of filtering can slow
   things down considerably for little net gain).

        * Itojun's intent was to unify the ipsec and altq filtering
          using pf as the engine.  This is a large part of why pf is
          currently in our tree, as I understand it.  Nobody has ever
          done the analogous work to let ipfilter serve this role.

4) pf is essentially subsystem-locked by the softnet lock.  On the
   other hand, ipfilter has much finer-grained locking because it can
   run in other kernels which have pushed locks down into the network

Given this set of facts, it's not clear to me what the right path
forward is.  #4 seems likely to be a considerable inconvenience in the
future if we go with pf.  On the other hand, ipfilter's author is a
NetBSD developer, but even he doesn't have time to maintain the version
in the NetBSD source tree (as far as I can tell) and it seems unlikely
that he or anyone else will step forward to address #3.

Still nobody has stepped forward for the comparatively simple task of
updating and maintaining pf, either.

What are others' opinions on this?

Thor Lancelot Simon
Coyote Point Systems, Inc.                      <>
Millerton, NY, USA

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