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"ifconfig wpi0 list scan" - ?

   With a Thinkpad T60 running 5.0_RC2 from yesterday, I am failing to get
any response running

  # ifconfig wpi0 list scan

it just sits there doing nothing until ^C. I tried a PCMCIA wi(4) card[1]
with much the same results, whereas "wiconfig -D wi0" produced an access

is "list scan" the same thing as "-D" ?

The wpi0 device seems to function otherwise[2], I accessed a hidden
station that I knew the SSID for last week and copied plenty of files over
from old laptop using it.

anybody got wireless?


[1] needed RBUS_IO_BASE=0x0a00 to function

[2] loses the connection after some period of idleness

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