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Re: connection hangs with IPsec

On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 05:39:37PM +0100, Hubert Feyrer wrote:
> Subject: connection hangs with IPsec
> I'm currently struggling with IPsec, and would like to ask if anyone has  
> seen a similar behavior, or can give some debugging hints.
> Effect that I see is that connections "hang", often after multiples of  
> 32768 or 65535kB:
>       # ftp -o /tmp/x 
>       Trying 2001:4f8:4:7:230:48ff:fe31:43f2...
>       ftp: Connect to address `2001:4f8:4:7:230:48ff:fe31:43f2': No route to 
> host
>       Trying
>       Requesting 
>         0% |                                     | 65536       1.64 KB/s  - 
> stalled -^C
> The setup here:
>  LAN1 - Router1 -----------<Internet>---------- Router2 ------ LAN2 
> ----<Upstream>
>                \                               /
>                 gre0-------GRE-Tunnel------gre0
> The connection between Router1 and Router2 is encrypted with IPsec  
> (transport mode), the problem happens both with manually configured keys  
> as well as when using Racoon. Both Routers run NetBSD 4.0, Router1 is  
> performing NAT with PF.
> Connecting from LAN1 to the outside world ("Upstream") works fine via the 
> GRE-Tunnel. When enabling IPsec between the two routers, connections to  
> the outside hang, both via HTTP and FTP. Pings work fine.
> Looking with tcpdump and wireshark, it seems that Router2 is not catching 
> up with ACKs to the (outside) servers, and after some time  
> (1+2+4+8+16+32+64 seconds, about 2 minutes) the server re-transmits the  
> missing packets, at which time the download continues - for another 64KB, 
> at which time the delays starts again.
> Has anyone seen something similar? Do you have any ideas what to look 


> for? The chunksize in which the transfers work make me suspicious (32KB 
> for FTP, 64KB for HTTP).

I'm pretty sure the fix went into -4.

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