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Netgear WG511 v2 malo driver for Marvel Libertas 88W8335 ???

Hi there, I have a crappy PCMCIA Netgear WG511 version 2 wireless card
that uses the Marvel Libertas 88W8335 chipset. I've been unable to get
NetBSD to recognize this device because there isn't a driver
available. After doing some research, I noticed that their is a driver
for OpenBSD and FreeBSD systems. There is a "malo" driver that
supports this chipset.

Information can be found here:

I'm just curious to see if there's anything I can do to get this card
working. i figure since it's available for the other *BSD's, there'd
be a chance that we could get it working with NetBSD as well.

When the card is plugged in, here's the dmesg I get:

"Marvell Semiconductor, 88W8310 802.11g Cardbus PC Card, 83, 01
(manufacturer 0x0, product 0x0) Marvell Libertas 88W8335 (ethernet
network, revision 0x03) at cardbus0 function 0 not configured"

A little research about this card told me that it does indeed use the
88W8335 chipset..

I thank you for any information and insight.


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