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Re: Changing the default subnet route.


I would like to confirm that the patch proposed by Roy Marples for sys/netinet/in.c also fixed kern/40133 for me (NetBSD 5.0_BETA on i386).

Without the patch, I could reproduce the problem detailed in kern/40133 on my laptop which has both ethernet and wireless interfaces. Moreover, on my home network which has wireless and ethernet on the same subnet, dhcpcd 4.99.6 would fail to configure the interfaces and routes after switching from (a) ethernet to (b) ethernet+wireless to (c) wireless to (d) ethernet+wireless. Both problems are fixed with the patch.

In particular I'm happy to report that, with the patch, dhcpcd 4.99.6 seems to work flawlessly on this laptop :-)

Thanks for your efforts,


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