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xen boot parameter for network boot


In order to boot a netbsd dom0 from network with root on nfs,
currently I have to pass the following parameters to the dom0:

bootdev=ex0 ip=

The only one documentation for the ip parameter I found so far is the
source file sys/arch/xen/xen/xen_machdep.c, function xen_parse_cmdline().

The disadvantage I am really suffering on is, I need one boot menu entry
for each test machine and for each NetBSD version (i386, amd64,
older/newer snapshots).

This patch improves the situation:

The patch allows me to give partial information and the new
boot code retrieves missing information via the next nfs boot method
until all required information are there.

Example 1:

bootdev=ex0 ip=0:

Example 2:

bootdev=ex0 ip=dhcp nfsroot=

Example 3:

bootdev=ex0 nfsroot=

The patch allows me to have only *one* boot menu entry for each
NetBSD version independent how many different test machines I have.

The original configuration still works.

Any comments ?


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