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Re: Design misfeature of dhclient for multiple interfaces

On Tue, 2008-09-09 at 09:07 -0400, matthew sporleder wrote:
> I've used that feature of linux before and it is handy (although it
> only addresses routes and not resolv.conf, etc), but until that
> feature is available on netbsd would it be possible to fail all config
> changes if one of them doesn't work?  (or even better- arbitrarily
> group them per config?)

That would mean that the interface wouldn't be re-configured until the
acquired lease expired, which doesn't really help much.

However, dhcpcd-4.0 did get one final feature before it went stable
which is of use here. Namely, it can save config's per interface. Out of
the box, it knows about resolv.conf and ntpd.conf. It can also merge
configs - with resolv.conf it has a mini resolvconf [1] implementation
and for ntpd.conf it builds a list of NTP servers to append to the
main /etc/ntpd.conf.

Maybe you should try dhcpcd-4.0.1 in pkgsrc/wip.
If it works for you (it should at least mitigate if not completely solve
your issue here) then maybe request that NetBSD merges it into -current?
That would be a good thing as dhcpcd has got a few imporant fixes from
the version it current has. It obviously won't solve the default route
issue, but that is being worked on.



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