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inet6 broken pretty badly in -current post 20080828


somewhen between 20080809 and 20080828 inet6 broke thusly:
- rtsol fails
- ping6 <linklocal-of-host> from another host on local link doesn't work,
  nor do connects to open tcp6 ports on linklocal.
- after setting global v6 address and default gate manually, ping6 to that
  address won't work, neither will connects to open tcp6 ports for that address.
  But ping6 and other connects to linklocal suddenly start working.
  rtsol will still fail.
- setting a further IPv6 address doesn't make the middle one work
- dns will work (needs the global address)
- outgoing connections work (obviously also not using linklocal)

IPv4 it completely fine, otherwise there'd be more noise about it I bet :)

Anyone have a bright idea? I'll build myself kernels of dates between 0809
and 0828 to pinpoint the change that caused this, but if someone has an
'oh, ooops, I forgot' moment that might spare me some work :-P

BTW, sys/net/rtsock.c can't be the culprit because I had still 1.109 in
the first kernel that gave me this problem.

-- (S.P.Zeidler)

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