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Re: Bluetooth PAN daemon

On Tue, 19 Aug 2008, KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:

> Does your PAN work only in the user-land?
> Don't I need in kernel source?
> I have not read the source yet.  However, I thought that BNEP was a
> function in the kernel.

No, it uses tap(4) interface directly with an L2CAP socket. BNEP is in the

Although a bnep(4) interface could make some aspects more efficient
(context switch is expensive on some platform?), it could also make more
difficulty (a kernel device cannot make a record for SDP) and would be
more complex overall.

I think for the lower data rate of a Bluetooth device its not so bad for
now, but perhaps a busy NAP on small hardware might be a different matter
(needs to copy packet to multiple sockets)


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