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Re: kern/18035 IFF_SIMPLEX vs bridge(4)

>> This causes the bridge to end up with the sending MAC address learnt
>> on vr0 rather than the interface it really is on.
> If anyone fixes it, please close PR kern/18035 (which is slightly
> unrelated, but still open due to this bug).

Oho!  Yes, vr0 is running at "Ethernet autoselect (10baseT)", so it is
probably more generic than just hme.  I should see if I can find
something to speed-adapt so vr0 can run at 100 even though the device
it's connected to insists on 10, to see if that "fixes it".

I'm sending a bcc of this to the PR.  To anyone reading this via the
PR, my problem was very similar - a bridge learning a MAC on the wrong
interface.  My tests indicate that it is related to broadcast packets,
which is hardly surprising.  (Maybe "broadcast or multicast"; I didn't
even try to test multicast.)

I think "bridge doesn't learn MACs from broadcast packets" is a
reasonable approximation to a fix.  I can justify doing this on work
time, since the case that's breaking for me is a work setup, which
means it's likely going to happen sometime Thursday 2008-08-14.

Any thoughts on whether it would be better to do "bridge doesn't learn
MACs from broadcast or multicast packets"?

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