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802.11n / Atheros

Hello all.  Are there drivers for any 802.11n radios in NetBSD-current?

Do any radios based on the Atheros 5008 or 9xxx chipsets (like the D-link
DWA-556 or the sweet AR9160-based Ubuquiti SR71-A) work yet?  Could they work 
(or be made to work) under the ath driver as 802.11[a]/b/g radios?

just released ISC-license open source drivers for their 9xxx/5xxx 802.11n chips 
with no proprietary HAL.  How easy would it be to port this to NetBSD?  Would 
this be a good project for someone new to coding in NetBSD to embark upon (with 
guidance, of course)?


Atheros Releases Free Linux Driver For Its 802.11n Devices


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