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Re: bridges, vlans, and xen, oh my!

> Amongst other messes, [mixing tagged and untagged on tha same trunk]
> can help facilitate vlan-hopping attacks using double-tagged packets.
> An attacker can send a packet with a vlan tag the same as your native
> vlan (which the switch will strip off)

This is something that's always bothered me with vlan tagging: that
tagging switches still pay attention to tags even on
supposedly-untagged ports.  ISTM that an untagged port should
completely ignore tags on incoming packets, in the sense of treating
frame type 0x8100 the same as any other.

> Even if you don't care about this in your circumstances now,

I don't, no.  This is a bench test setup, where I'm conflating data and
management on the same interface because it's easier than finding a way
to put yet another Ethernet in that box (or find another box).  If and
when it goes into production, data and management will be on different
physical interfaces.

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