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Re: bridges, vlans, and xen, oh my!

On further reflection and code reading, my patches to if_vlan.c were
incorrect in a few ways.  They were somewhat schizoid about whether
ec_nvlans was all vlans or just tagged vlans (leaving the count wrong
under some circumstances, I think), and the ec_untaggevlan boolean
works better as a count, eliminating that loop in vlan_unconfig.

When I split ec_nvlans into ec_ntaggedvlans and ec_nuntaggedvlans, it
gets substantially better, but three drivers (if_bge.c, if_sip.c, and
if_ti.c, all in dev/pci) need slight tweaking.  I've changed
VLAN_ATTACHED to VLAN_ATTACHED_TAGGED; that's the semantics all those
places want, and I wanted to change the name to make sure I didn't miss
any.  I'm now doing a search for other uses of VLAN_ATTACHED in case
there are sokme that don't happen to get built into my test kernels.

I'll generate new patches and send a version for reading (with -b) here
and put a version for applying (without -b) up for ftp.

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