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network ioctl overhaul; testers?

I'm overhauling network ioctls.  My changes are mainly mechanical, but
they touch a lot of network code, more than I can test alone.  agr(4),
carp(4), ppp(4), slip(4), vlan(4), ISDN, ISO, AppleTalk need attention
from their users.

I hope that I can get some help with the testing.  I have built mac68k,
macppc, i386, and sparc64 GENERIC kernels:


If you need some other kernel, please place an order. :-)

Patches are here,

With my overhaul, I'm aiming to produce a regular hierarchy
of inheritance: drivers inherit/override ioctls in their class
(e.g., ether_ioctl).  Classes inherit/override the generic ioctls
(ifioctl_common) and the protocol ioctls, (*pr_usrreq)(... PRU_CONTROL

Future changes will provide a generic way for pseudo-interfaces that
augment and aggregate other pseudo-interfaces (e.g., agr, bridge, carp,
vlan) to filter and modify the member interfaces' ioctls, since NetBSD
sorely needs that.

(Mixed with today's network ioctl patches are some that improve the
link-layer address assignment.  The latter patches depend on the former.)


David Young             OJC Technologies      Urbana, IL * (217) 278-3933 ext 24

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