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GSOC - 2008 - "create an in-kernal API for packet classes" project discussion


My name is Anish. I am glad to say that I was selected to work on the
project " Create an in-kernal API for packet classes" as part of
Google Summer of Code - 2008. My Mentor is Herb Peyerl and I am glad
too that my mentor is very passionate and is giving me great guidance.
Earlier I discussed some details of the project on this mailing list.
It is briefly as follows:

Goal:  An API which enables

 1) Drivers to register which classes of packets they identify
 2) PF labels each packet with a token specifying packet class they
registered above ( It can't use pf tags as they are not recognized
outisde pf)
 3) ALTQ uses these tokens to direct them to appropriate queue.

I have some more questions regarding this . Please reply me :

1) How is sending of packets to a particular queue handled currently ?
( Is that funtionality there  or not? ALTQ can recognize pf tags
right? So, ALTQ should be doing this and not drivers? )

2) All of this scenario makes sense only for outgoing packets. Is
there any case of incoming packets to be considered as part of this?


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