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Re: ALTQ + vlan


Manuel Bouyer wrote:

Hum, it seems to work fine for me, but I do use conditionners for input traffic here, I have no queuing policy on output.

Well, queueing works only for output traffic, right? So I have no other choice.

What version of NetBSD do you use? I'll do some additional tests and properly document the results, but first I'd like to know that I use something that is known to work. Maybe I am missing something obvious.

I can always connect some layer-3 switch before this NetBSD box, and configure routing between vlans there - that would be some kind of workaround... But it would be really awesome if I could do all this stuff (vlans, routing, QoS, monitoring) on one NetBSD box. Right now I am only missing QoS on vlan*.


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