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libm build problem

Hi all,
I am the new bie in NetBsd forum, For  one of the my requirement, 
I am trying to build NetBsd3.1 math library (Libm), But while building
libm I am getting 
following build error :
s_isinf.c:19: error: expected identifier or '(' before 'sizeof'
s_isinf.c:19: error: expected ')' before '?' token

This error is comming because of " __fpmacro_unary_floating " define in
math.h as follows
#define __fpmacro_unary_floating(__name, __arg0)
        /* LINTED */
        ((sizeof (__arg0) == sizeof (float))
        ?       __ ## __name ## f (__arg0)
        :       __ ## __name ## d (__arg0))
#define isinf(__x)      __fpmacro_unary_floating(isinf, __x)

The definations of isinf() present under src/lib/libm/src/isinf.c
I guess, this error is comming because of compiler not able to recognise
above ternary operator because if I defined it directly
#define isinf(__x)      __isinfd(__x)
without __fpmacro_unary_floating macro, its working fine.
So,is it the issue with compiler ? then how to resolve it ? 
Can anybody tell me which gcc compiler using for NetBsd3.1 ?
Please guide me in this respect. Waiting for reply .......
Thank You,
Amol Pise


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