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dhcpcd-4.0.0-alpha1 ready for review

OK, some people seem to be genuinely excited about dhcpcd, and others not so 
much. So, here's a first draft of dhcpcd-4 :)
You can download a tarball here.

It supplies /etc/ which works in pretty much the same way as 
dhclient-script. It will configure resolv.conf, ntp.conf, yp.conf and restart 
any services for them if it needs to. All variable names that dhclient 
emitted are also emitted to so existing customisations stand a good 
chance of working.

Interface and routing setup is still done in dhcpcd itself. dhcpcd binary is 
now 46k (40k stripped) on NetBSD-4/i386.

New $reason TEST and IPV4LL are emitted.

Stuff that needs to be done
Create man page for
Export classless static routes (option 121) to
Testing! Especially that the correct $reason is set.
Review and ensure that all funtions can be overridden by hook 



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