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Re: Old thread: Re: Allowing large PPPoE frames

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 03:44:41PM +1000, Paul Ripke wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 07:35:43AM +0200, Quentin Garnier wrote:
> > On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 01:57:28PM +1000, Paul Ripke wrote:
> > > Just wondering if anything happened to this old issue - I've just
> > 
> > Not so much an issue as an unexpected feature of my PPPoE setup at the
> > time, which, sadly, came to an end shortly after when I changed my
> > contract with the ISP and received a new modem that wouldn't let large
> > frames through.
> > 
> > > tripped over the same thing with my ISP.
> > 
> > What do you mean by trip over?  You're in a situation where oversized
> > frames actually go as far as ether_input?
> Initially, only 802.1Q VLAN-compatible sized frames were getting
> that far. Then I removed an ethernet switch out of the path, and
> yes, 1522 byte frames were being received.

Cool for you!

> > In that case, it's a 10 minute job to revive that patch, it was very
> > simple after all.
> I took a slightly more brutal approach. I just removed the "return"
> from the check and passed all oversize frames through. Hey, it works.
> The NIC is a gigabit sk that supports jumbo frames, so that part
> works. I didn't find your patch until after I got it working. For
> me, it was breaking large udp and icmp packets, possibly ipsec, too.
> It's an annoying position to be in.

Well, Ethernet devices are not supposed to let such frames through;
and as I said, I had an unusual setup (for various reasons) which
broke down in that respect when I made my situation with my ISP

Think of your position still as a privileged one, as a PPPoE

What's the driver of your NIC?  I'll revive that patch, and get it
committed as you will be able to test it.

Quentin Garnier - -
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