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Google Summer of Code 2008

Hello everybody,

First I like to introduce myself. I'm a student of computer sciences
in Berlin starting at October 2007. For the last two months I deal
with NetBSD/i386 4.0. My task is the documentation of installation and
configuration of NetBSD in networks.

During the exploration of the operating system, I get an introduction
to various services and tools provided directly by the system like
DHCP, CVS, postfix and a lot more. I also get into pkgsrc and
compiling the kernel. Beside that, I could gather information about
how to program in C.

As I'm really attracted by the system design approach and read about
your participation in the Google Summer of Code 2008, I decided to
apply to one of your mentioned projects:
"DHCP client with minimal functionality and size".

I'm glad to receive any feedback for my proposal.



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