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question about rtalloc1()


I have made a software load-balancer in direct routing mode. It compile and run as a kernel module with success on FreeBSD. I have done some changes in order to compile it for NetBSD.

I can load my lkm but when loaded, the rtalloc1() function does'nt reply as expected: the function never return and freeze the kernel. The same code is working on freebsd..

So, my question is: can I call rtalloc1() inside a kernel module ? What do I need to do in order to have this function working ?

I have only a netbsd-current with me. So, if this should be working on netbsd-3, I will try.. (and sorry for this disturb :-(.

Thank you!

Greetings from Paris,

PS: the code is available here: I will make a pkgsrc as soon it will be working on NetBSD (I also need to clean my NetBSD patch).


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