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Re: MAC address issue

On Fri, Jan 18, 2008 at 10:54:09PM -0800, 
> In message <>David Young writes
> >Let us put aside lladdr preferences, and use only the 'active' flag,
> >instead.  Only one lladdr may be active at a time, deleting an active
> >lladdr is not allowed (EBUSY), and setting a second lladdr to 'active'
> >clears the 'active' state on every other lladdr.
> Huh? What about hardware capable of, and IETF protocols which call
> for, multiple active link-level addresses on a single interface??

Do those exist? I wasn't aware of that. Can you name one, so that
we can consider the exact interface model used? E.g.
> Are you proposing a user/kernel API which makes those ~impossible?

I'm actually needing this, because the per-Macaddr-limit in German
Telekom's PPPoE routers is set to 1, and I'm using two providers
simultaneously. I'm emulating this using bridge(4) and tap(4). I
guess this is not desirable in the high performance case.

But wouldn't sub-interfaces (similar to what Solaris does) be easier
to use? 

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