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Re: Socket options KPI

In article <>, Elad Efrat  
<> wrote:
>I have a patch to make a large portion of the network code use a new
>"struct sockopt" (inspired by similar work done in FreeBSD, with input
>from dyoung@ and yamt@) instead of passing socket options in mbufs.
>The work is incomplete - although I think the majority of the code was
>covered. I've been running it here for about a month or so, but I'm
>putting it up for public review as it's unlikely I'll be able to test
>all of the code paths affected by these changes, specifically in network 
>stacks I don't use...
>The diff is available online:
>All comments are welcome. It's not planned on being committed anytime
>soon (unless, of course, all feedback suggests otherwise), so take your
>time carefully reviewing the changes if you're interested. :)

You have a few int x = sizeof(); which should be size_t's.


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