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Re: please test: ethernet media-handling patch

David Young <> writes:
>> So if I unplug a cable from a 100M network and put it into a 1G
>> network, it won't reset and renegotiate? (Forgive me if I don't
>> understand this properly.)
> If the operator changes the media settings,

Ah. Okay, this was just me being dense then.

> then the NIC driver will call
> ether_mediachange() -> mii_mediachg() -> (for each PHY) phy_service(,,
> MII_MEDIACHG).  A PHY service routine will reset and isolate its PHY
> if it is no longer selected.  If the PHY is selected, then the service
> routine will either program the media type (e.g., IFM_ETHER|IFM_100_TX),
> or begin auto-negotiation (IFM_AUTO).

Perry E. Metzger      

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