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Re: What is the state of TCP offload support in the kernel?

>On Wed, Jan 02, 2008 at 10:29:03AM -0800, wrote:
>> What is the current state of TCP offload support in the NetBSD kernel?  I=
>> don't mean TCP checksumming or LSO, but actually allowing the adapter to
>> manage the entire TCP connection?
>> I'm currently porting the driver for a TOE card to NetBSD (from FreeBSD),=
> and 
>> I know the manufacturer wants TOE support in NetBSD as well, but I couldn=
>> find any refernece in the code.  Sorry if I didn't find any obvious info=
>> searching the tech-net archives.
>As Matt noted, we don't support this yet. What did FreeBSD have to add to
>make it work?

Thanks for the replies guys.

I don't know what FreeBSD is doing in their TCP stack to support TCP 
Offload - I haven't looked at that part of FreeBSD.  I suppose once I
get the NIC driver working (without memory leaks), I could delve into
the a little bit.  It sounds like adding this to the NetBSD TCP stack
might be a bit more cumbersome than I would hope?

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