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LW-IGMPv3 implementation


>       - FreeBSD did change it to this in rev 1.140 of udp_usrreq.c but added 
> a sysctl knob that controlled the delivery. Default was at that time old 
> delivery type. Since then they implemented IGMPv3 rewrote much of the 
> mcast code, now new behaviour being the only one used as far as I can 
> tell. Anyway, they drop the that sysctl oid entirely and also droped 
> support for interface index selection.

I had worked for IGMPv3/MLDv2 implementations, and I've modified my
original IGMPv3 implementation to fit new Lightweight-IGMPv3 protocol

LW-IGMPv3 simplifies the original IGMPv3 by eliminating the unneeded
source blocking function. By this effort, the kernel implementation is
with the simple form and easy to maintain. LW-IGMPv3 is to completely
support SSM as well as the traditional (*,G) join/leave, while keeping
the compatibility with the full IGMPv3.
If NetBSD needs some modifications for multicast as well, it'd be
possible to add them in this implementation.

Please look at the following implementation if you are interested in.
(I will start LW-MLDv2 implementation if some of you are interested

Hitoshi Asaeda

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