Subject: Re: ipfilter and SIP
To: Stephen Borrill <>
From: Alicia da Conceicao <>
List: tech-net
Date: 08/22/2007 04:41:25
>>>> Does anyone know if there is any type of application proxy for ipfilter
>>>> and SIP on NetBSD?
>>> I could never get my SIP phone to work with ipfilter and NAT, however
>>> I did manage to get it to work with pf(4), using the setup below.
>>> The static-port keyword was the magic I needed.
>>> ext_if = "tap0"
>>> sip_ports = "{3478:3479, 5060:5061, 10000:10007}"
>>> sip_ip = ""
>>> nat on $ext_if from $sip_ip to any -> $ext_if static-port
>>> rdr on $ext_if proto udp from any to $ext_if port $sip_ports -> $sip_ip
>>> pass in quick on $ext_if inet proto udp from any to any port $sip_ports
>> The only part that IPFilter is incapable of here is expressing
>> the above in so few rules.
> Darren, can you give us a quick recipe-book entry based on the above so 
> that it'll be here if people Google for it later?

Yes Darren, I would also appreciate if you please post any example
configuration for ipf.conf, even if its a hundred lines.  It would
be easier then reconfiguring the remaining firewall rules to PF or
worse IPTables.

Thank you in advance,