Subject: pptpd + pppd w/ mppe possible?
To: None <>
From: Stephen Jones <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/13/2007 23:29:01
I've run into a problem where I have clients that have no other  
choice but to use Microsoft's 'mppe'.
The only way I've found that this can be done is by using an LKM.   
I've built the mppe module but
am unable to load it in a kernel with LKM/KSYMS support.

# modload -d -v mppe.o
ld -R /dev/ksyms -e mppe_lkmentry -o mppe -Ttext 0x0 mppe.o
.text: addr = 0x0 size = 0x1d20 align = 0x10
.shstrtab: addr = 0x0 size = 0x48 align = 0x1
.symtab: addr = 0x0 size = 0x20a78 align = 0x8
.strtab: addr = 0x0 size = 0x12c42 align = 0x1
.rodata: addr = 0x1d20 size = 0x2a3 align = 0x1
.data: addr = 0x12000 size = 0x98 align = 0x8
.data section forced to offset 0x1fc8 (was 0x12000)
.got: addr = 0x12098 size = 0x198 align = 0x8
.sbss: addr = 0x12230 size = 0x4 align = 0x4
.bss: addr = 0x12234 size = 0x4 align = 0x1
modload: reserving 16384 bytes of memory
modload: can't reserve memory: Operation not permitted

# modstat
Type    Id   Offset Loadaddr         Size Info             Rev Module