Subject: Re: NetBSD in BSD Router / Firewall Testing
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: Mike Tancsa <>
List: tech-net
Date: 12/01/2006 13:07:44
At 12:23 PM 12/1/2006, Jason Thorpe wrote:

>On Dec 1, 2006, at 7:00 AM, Mike Tancsa wrote:
>>At 09:55 AM 12/1/2006, Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
>>> > ipintrq:
>>> >          queue length: 0
>>> >          maximum queue length: 256
>>> >          packets dropped: 133721212
>>>This is the second report we've seen recently of packet drops in this
>>>queue.  We need to understand what's going on, I think.
>>I am guessing I am just overwhelming the box no ? Each of my
>>generator boxes are blasting about 600Kpps in opposite directions
>>through the box 10 byte UDP packets.  Even when doing just the one
>>stream in NetBSD, the box (r2) acting as the router is totally
>>unresponsive from the serial console and OOB NIC.
>I've jumped into this thread late -- what exactly is your


Details of the test setup at

>Are you using IP Filter

On NetBSD, enabled and disabled.... But not removed from the kernel

>or PF anywhere in the mix

Only on FreeBSD, but it was far too slow

>here?  If not, then it would be good to know why IP Fast Forwarding
>isn't kicking in here (bypasses the IP input queue completely).

I was told options GATEWAY would do it.  Perhaps because I am testing 
SMP ?  Dont know. This week was my first experience with NetBSD.