Subject: Re: Bluetooth update
To: Iain Hibbert <>
From: Rui Paulo <>
List: tech-net
Date: 12/18/2005 20:53:28
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On 2005.12.17 20:54:33 +0000, Iain Hibbert wrote:
| 1. for kernel config files I used
| device bt3c: bluetooth
| device ubt: bluetooth
| which means that you dont actually need to specify
| option BLUETOOTH
| as it gets pulled in automatically. I dont think any extra complexity is
| called for just yet and it would be difficult to make a device compile
| without the protocol code in any case as L2CAP/HCI is central.

How about trying to use bluetooth like a loopback device ?
If this is possible, I think we should define BLUETOOTH as a kernel
config parameter like we do for INET, INET6, NETISO, etc.

| 4. Initially I used 134/135/136 for protocol numbers for bluetooth
| protocol family because they were the next available ones in
| /etc/protocols and also were the numbers that FreeBSD used. I think this
| was misapplied now though after importing libbt and snooping about, seems
| that /etc/protocols is merely for IP protocols and there is no real
| intersection, so I've reverted to 1/2/3 - I dont think we have a generic
| file anywhere containing a list of protocol family/numbers ?

No, I don't think so. /etc/protocols seems wrong. Also, this file is
out of date. I'm going to update it.
| 6. libbt lint warnings:
| /home/plunky/src/sys/netbt/hci.h(1562): warning: bitwise operation on sig=
ned value possibly nonportable [117]
| /home/plunky/src/sys/netbt/hci.h(1568): warning: bitwise operation on sig=
ned value possibly nonportable [117]
| /home/plunky/src/sys/netbt/hci.h(1574): warning: bitwise operation on sig=
ned value possibly nonportable [117]
| all three of those deal with lines like these:
| static __inline void
| hci_filter_set(uint8_t bit, struct hci_filter *filter)
| {
| 	filter->mask[(bit - 1) >> 5] |=3D (1 << ((bit - 1) & 0x1f));
| }
| and I cant get rid of it, any clue? (maybe lint is not complex enough?)

What does lint say if you change filter->mask to unsigned ?

		-- Rui Paulo

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