Subject: Re: Real Time O.S vs 'conventional' one.
To: Jim DeLisle <>
From: David Rhodus <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/26/2005 08:56:09
On 10/26/05, Jim DeLisle <> wrote:
> 'Real Time' does not refer to how fast an OS runs. It refers to
> determinism. In other words, the latency between the IRQ and the ISR
> vector is consistent under any circumstances. A 'soft' real time OS,
> like WinCE, for example, does not provide this level of certainty. One
> version of real time Linux actually runs a small real time executive
> which, in turn, runs Linux as a task. The real time elements are not
> built into the Linux kernel itself, and applications that wish to
> participate in real time scheduling do so through an interface to the
> executive.

Does anyone know if this is the same method FSMLabs uses for their RT BSD's=

                                            Steven David Rhodus