Subject: Re: Real Time O.S vs 'conventional' one.
To: Zafer Aydogan <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/26/2005 06:30:44
On Oct 26, 2005, at 6:18 AM, Zafer Aydogan wrote:
>>> I have embedded boards which I want to use as acess points for WLAN
>>> infrastructure.
>>> The choice is between NetBSD and Real Time Linux.
>>> What I am wondering about is if there is any advantage using real
>>> time O.S on wireless enviroment.
> That depends. If you want to run a business, then you don't want to  
> run
> NetBSD at all, at least not right now, because it is buggy and  
> under heavy
> development. If it is just for your home environment, you can give  
> it a try.

I think you said "NetBSD" there when you actually meant to say "Linux".

At work I do embedded linux 'stuff' on Intel IXP2850 and I can  
categorically tell you that the embedded linux world is a huge  
festering disaster waiting to implode.