Subject: Re: TSO on wm(4) (Intel Pro/1000): i82546 vs i8254EI vs others?
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From: Jonathan Stone <>
List: tech-net
Date: 05/20/2005 18:03:05
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Jonathan Stone writes:

>Without TSO, the 82544EI generates about 24,000 interrupts/sec at 123
>Mbyte/sec throughput, consuming about 50% CPU, with IPv4 and TCP
>checksum offload enabled.  When I also enable TSO on the 82544EI, I
>see about about 17,000 interrupts/sec and from 40% to 45% CPU load --
>not much of a delta from the pre-TSO number, and very close to twice
>the CPU cost of filling just one 82546 channel.
>Are these results expected?  Does anyone (Matt?) know how well TSO is
>supposed to work on the various versions of the Intel chip-- the CSA
>version, maybe? [...]

FWIW: I begged some time on an Intel 875P motherboard with CSA NIC.
There, `ifconfig wm0 tso4' works preety much as on the 82546.

I also tried three different 82544EI boards; all show the same behaviour.