Subject: NetBSD getaddrinfo not reentrant
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 05/03/2005 12:16:18
I'm one of only 2 NetBSD folks participating in the EFF/tor
project (The great majority of users are linux). I run NetBSD 2_Stable
on a 300MHz P2 w/256M ram...

Anyway, for the last month since the main branch of tor moved to
a pthreads implementation, I have been fighting an eratic crash
issue. After many debugging logs and gdb backtrace logs they
(The tor core team) came to the following conclusion about
the probmlem:

 "this seems to be a general symptom of NetBSD
not having any way to do thread-safe DNS lookups"

"We're now thinking it has to do with the fact that your platform has
no gethostbyname_r functions, and the getaddrinfo function on netbsd,
while claiming to be reentrant, actually isn't."

My questions:
1) Do these statements make sense?
2) Is this a known issue?
3) Has this been addressed in the 3 branch?