Subject: "Null Encryption" fails in NetBSD 1.6ZL ?
To: None <>
From: Jeffrey <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/29/2004 17:24:06
I am using NetBSD 1.6ZL with KAME IPSec enabled on i386 machine. 
There is something wrong with "null encryption" when I want to 
install SA by "setkey -f ipsec.conf". 

# cat ipsec.conf
add esp 0x2222 -E simple;

# /sbin/setkey -f ipsec.conf
line 1: WARNING: obsolete algorithm at [simple]
The result of line 1: Invalid argument.

# /sbin/setkey -D
No SAD entries.

I can't install SA with null encryption in NetBSD 1.6ZL, but this 
works in NetBSD 1.5.2. 

Does anyone konw what happen ?

Jeffrey Chen