Subject: re: ALTQ on Sparc
To: Julien Danjou <>
From: matthew green <>
List: tech-net
Date: 08/18/2004 12:17:21
   I would like to know if altq works on sparc in netbsd-2.0 or if it is
   still broken ?
   Last time I tried it on 1.6.2 branch, it did not work and I can't test
   it for now.
   A quick look on mailling list did not give me any answer. :(
   [Please Cc me I'm not subscribed].

funny, i setup altq yesterday on a (-current) sparc.  i didn't try to
use CBQ this time, and i was pretty sure it's still broken.  however,
PRIQ seems to work at least somewhat -- i was able to observe a definate
decrease in average latency when my uplink was flooded, but it was not
quite as useful as i hoped.  ie, it works OK but it's great.

as altq hasn't really changed for ages, i'd expect 2.0_BETA's PRIQ to
work, but definately avoid CBQ.