Subject: best source for IPv6
To: None <>
From: Knoke, Jim <>
List: tech-net
Date: 08/04/2004 11:55:09
I am trying to incorporate IPv6 is my operating system. I see that
FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD all get their IPv6 stuff from KAME. I
imagine there may be some differences in how often these 3 BSD variants
incorporate the latest KAME updates and how well those updates are
tested, but I don't know what those differences are.

Do you have a recommendation on which of those 3 OS's is the best place
for me to get my initial set of IPv6 (source) code (including libraries
and apps)?

My OS still has networking *based on* BSD 4.2, but it has been hacked
somewhat. Do you think I should update to BSD 4.4 before trying to
incorporate IPv6 or just do it all at once?

I'm shying away from getting the source directly from KAME because it
doesn't appear that they have a stable, vary-well-tested version that
has been crunched on in the real world.


Jim Knoke
DigitalNet Government Solutions, LLC
2525 Network Place  MS/460-A, Herndon, VA  20171