Subject: Fwd: Re: [altq:1798] Altq and NAT, finishing with this problem.
To: None <,,>
From: Daniel Dias Gonçalves <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/25/2003 15:04:39
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"Daniel Dias Gonçalves" wrote:
> I was looking at the history of the mail list and see that many people 
> problems in applying queueing discipline in source address that they are
> NATed. ( "...ALTQ classify packets after packets are NATed..." )
> I and others would like that he clarified is question and indicating
> possible solutions. it would be interesting that is also placed in 
the "ALTQ
> Tips", therefore does not have nothing mentioning on this problem.

The current ALTQ classifer doesn't handle NATed packets very well.
And I'm not too enthusuastic to support NAT as an advocate of IPv6
(and NAT-free network).

Having said that, you can use the diffserv mechanisms; traffic
conditioners on the incoming interface to mark the TOS field and
a queueing discipline on the outgoing interface.

Also, OpenBSD-3.3 will have ALTQ merged into pf, which is able to
handle NATed packets much better.