Subject: Re: Problems under heavy network load on macppc
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From: gabriel rosenkoetter <>
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Date: 03/24/2003 22:17:53
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On Mon, Mar 24, 2003 at 02:55:59PM -0500, John Klos wrote:
> Has anyone seen problems with macppc machines, both under release and
> current, with high system loads under moderate network traffic and
> occasional hangs under heavy network traffic?

Hrm. I've seen truly excessive DNS traffic for quite some time now
with -current on a variety of architectures (macppc, i386, mac68k).
Is that the kind of thing you're seeing too?

It seems like we're hitting DNS servers way harder than we need to
be, not caching anything for responses from the resolver library...

> I'm experiencing much more system load than expected when serving a
> moderate amount of static content, and in the last two months my machine
> has hung three times when serving aroung 15-20 requests a second.

Can't say I've had that happen. My main macppc machine is way back
at 1.5.3_ALPHA, but I was using a 1.6-current releng snapshot on a
macppc as a firewall/gateway for a while and I didn't see anything
resembling that. (But I only had 608/128 ADSL at the time and wasn't
generating a lot of local traffic, so it's possible I didn't get
close to peaking anything.)

> Unfortunately, that machine cannot be used for debugging, as it is
> colocated; I set up another macppc machine for testing, and can reliably
> get it to crash by just running ab (apache bench) against it with a
> regular current or release snapshot with stock Apache 2. However, I'm
> having difficulty getting the kernel debugger to work over the serial
> console.

Maybe worth my trying ab on my 1.5.3_ALPHA before and after upgrading?
(I'm in the act of crossbuilding a netbsd-1-6 checkout from this
evening for it.)

Or is this only with -current?

gabriel rosenkoetter

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