Subject: mouse ide help
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/23/2003 02:30:39
 I have a optical mouse.How do i send command to light
  up the optical mouse on and off.For keyboard i have command EB and other
  the led control like scroll is 0 and other stuff using inb and outb.
                   How do i  send a signal to mouse.In
  other OS like windows i can
   see the mouse turns its lights on and off while
  booting.Is it a problem with linux.
  So what command should i send to turn up the
                   Also where can i find the code and
  docs for it .
  3)Where can i find a ata harddisk and cdrom generic
  driver.Can't we do it without DMA.I mean usual read
  byte using inb (without dma registers )like scancode
  from keyboard. Code and links would be helpful.
 4)How do i detect a network card in an OS.I mean the memory locations
 or what ports do i search for ?

 I want to search for the card from the memory and write a driver .How
 do i basically go about ? If you can point me some links or docs it
 would be nice.Explanation would be better if you have time.
  Can you do with network cards in the same way.

  5) Does each network card have its own commands or all of they have
 the same commands like keyboard . I mean do they have a standard
 command set.Where can i find it.

  6)This is a hypothetical  situation.I really don't have a new network
  Situation: I just have a new network card. I just plugged into my
 newly installed linux box.Infortunately the network card doesn't
 work.So how do i go about writing a driver for this new card. What do
 i search for in the BIOS or memory area etc ?.  I am unable to find
 out how to identify device.Once it is done we can register the device
 .Also there seem to be some hex numbers like

  static int at1700_probe_list[] __initdata = {
          0x260, 0x280, 0x2a0, 0x240, 0x340, 0x320, 0x380, 0x300, 0

 Where can i get these numbers for my card. How do i go about to find
 these numbers ?

Thank you