Subject: IPSEC with windows clients
To: None <>
From: Petter Lindquist <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/21/2003 09:21:15

Now they want me to build up some WLAN, and I want it secure.
IPSEC comes to mind, and yes, it works. But what I want to know is if it's
possible to make it easier to use for the windows clients.

What I want: IPsec login with the ordinary windows user/password
combination. (they usually connect to a samba server)

makeing ssl certificates and importing them with mmc is way too hard for
the people who will use it. I NEED to make this as simple to use as
possible, preferably with their ordinary username/password pair.

Ok, it probably lowers security, but it way better than using no
encryption at all.

And one more thing, I don't want to let the whole world in on my WLAN.

As easy as possible, the intended usergroup is far from techies... :(
More complicated than user/password is too hard for them, and they'll
never use it.

Is this at all possible? If so, where should I start looking?