Subject: Re: wi hostap mode
To: None <>
From: Christopher SEKIYA <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/10/2003 20:15:04
> Please document this in htdocs and/or manpage (or even just send the
> details/commands here).

Here's how I did it (on a SparcClassic):

* The kernel _must_ be compiled with:
  	pseudo-device   bridge
  	options         GATEWAY
* set /etc/ifconfig.bridge0 to
  	!brconfig $int add wi0 add hme0 up
* set /etc/ifconfig.wi0 to
	nwid NWID
	media autoselect mediaopt hostap
* set /etc/ifconfig.hme0 normally.

This only works with interfaces that use recent Intersil firmware (mine is a
late-model Corega 5V card identified as Wireless_LAN_PCCB-11, late-model
Buffalo/Melco cards use Lucent firmware that does not include hostap mode).

-- Chris
	GPG key FEB9DE7F (91AF 4534 4529 4BCC 31A5  938E 023E EEFB FEB9 DE7F)