Subject: Re: IP and netmask problem
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Date: 01/22/2003 17:22:41
I have no idea what "bridged" mode or uses something like "PPPoE" mean...
I am conected using ethernet card. The local area network router is conected
to ISP via radio modem.

I was informed about no others network parameters by ISP. I did not put any
other parameters to Windows (98 and XP).

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Subject: RE: IP and netmask problem

> DNS servers are on external networks don't matter so long as the default
gateway has a path to them.
> The default gateway must be on a local subnet for routed configurations.
> Is it possible your ISP connection runs in "bridged" mode or uses
something like "PPPoE"?
> More information about the ISP connection and the Windows setup would
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> Subject: IP and netmask problem
> Hi,
> I am new with NetBSD. I am trying to build internet router for my home
> network. I have got network parameters from my ISP:
> IP address:    a.b.c.102
> netmask:
> gateway:        a.b.c.86
> primary DNS:    a.b.c.6
> Gatway and DNS are out of local network, so it do not work. But these
> parameters work with Windows very well! Why?
> Can I do anything to get these work with NetBSD?
> Tom
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