Subject: Re: nsswitch.conf and irs.conf
To: Noriyuki Soda <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/21/2003 10:55:02
>> 	which source code are you looking at?  i guess you are looking at
>> 	something wrong.  if you look at BIND8 src/lib/irs/gethostent.c,
>> 		gethostbyname() calls gethostbyname_p()
>> 		gethostbyname_p() calls gethostbyname2_p()
>> 		gethostbyname2_p() does the real thing
>> 	so i see no problem here.
>For example, please look at either
>	BIND8 src/lib/irs/gethostent_r.c
>	BIND9 lib/bind/irs/gethostent_r.c.
>In this file, gethostbyname_r(3) calls gethostbyname(3) internally.
>In other words, what the IRS did is to make gethostbyname(3) MT safe
>to implement gethostbyname_r(3). :-O
>This is what I think wasteful.

	what is wrong with that?  isn't it more wasteful and painful in code
	maintenance POV to have thread-unsafe variant and thread-safe variant?
	or gethostbyname(3) has to be thread-unsafe?  i have never heard of
	such an requirement.

	to me you look like just trying to block other's work.  this is highly
	discouraging and annoying.