Subject: Re: IP and netmask problem
To: =?iso-8859-2?Q?Tomasz_Barczy=F1ski?= <>
From: Bryan P <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/19/2003 21:45:30
On the distinguished day of Jan 19, Tomasz Barczyński wrote:

> On the distinguished day of Jan 17, Tomasz Barczynski wrote:
> > I am new with NetBSD. I am trying to build internet router for my home
> > network. I have got network parameters from my ISP:
> > Gatway and DNS are out of local network, so it do not work. But these
> > parameters work with Windows very well! Why?
> >
> > Can I do anything to get these work with NetBSD?
> Thank you for answers.
> I can not ping anything else behind my gate, which differs from Windows - I
> can ping ex.
> I can also use ftp and telnet. I can not check www, becouse I did not
> install any browser (only basic installation using 130Mb HD).

FWIW, you can test www using telnet:

% telnet 80

then, assuming you get connected, type:


and ENTER twice.

> What can I do now to make it work properly? I thing my NAT works OK and
> problem is with right conecting the router to the internet.

Sounds like there is more going on here then we have information to help
with.  I'd suggest booting into Windows, since that works, and running the
command "route print" (I think that's what it is), and possibly other
commands (from DOS prompt) that show how the network is configured.  Then
boot into NetBSD and run "netstat -rn -f inet" and compare.  If the problem
isn't obvious at that point, you might wish to repost with this new
information.  However, I'd advise that you post futher help requests on
this topic to "".

Good luck,
# Software Engineer