Subject: Re: bpf write() to local host
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/18/2003 17:36:35
>I'd like to commit the attached patch. This patch makes packets coming 
>to ether_output with the pseudo-family pseudo_AF_HDRCMPLT and a dest address
>matching the local host redirected or copied to ether_input() (depending
>if they are unicast or not). Only bpf write() seems to use pseudo_AF_HDRCMPLT
>right now.
>This is to solve a problem with simh: it uses bpf writes to send packets,
>which makes it impossible to send packets to the local machine.
>With this change (and a fix to simh) I can NFS mount from a NetBSD/vax in simh
>a partition of the NetBSD/i386 hosting it.

i haven't skimmed the patch, but i believe the "standard" solution to
this problem is to tell simh to use a second ethernet adapter in the
host machine.  i can certainly ping (or mount nfs volumes from) my
laptop from the simulator running on my laptop if i have two nics in

i haven't tried compiling anything yet, but now that you've pushed me
this far, i'll have to.  :)

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