Subject: Re: setting power for wi(4)
To: None <>
From: Pavel Cahyna <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/02/2003 08:17:01
> Pavel,
> The answer is that you cannot (yet) set the output power in NetBSD.
> It is possible to do it from software, however. Last I knew, the power
> output adjustments on Linux were ad hoc and naive.
Well, it seems that most of Linux is ad hoc and naive, but sometimes it
gives you what you need :-) (not in this case btw, a Linux expert more
experienced than me wasn't able to make the card work under Linux even
after several days of work, that's why I want to use NetBSD).

> Will you describe what you are trying to achieve by adjusting output
> power?  I only know my own applications for an output power adjustment;
> I would like to account for others' applications in my designs.

In our country we have a regulation dictating that a wireless device
like this shall look from any direction like an isotropic source of
radiation with total power not exceeding ... (some value that I don't
remember; 100 mW maybe?) so if we focus the output by means of a
parabollic antenna, we must lower the power accordingly.

> (It is funny you should ask about this, because I have been holding a
> private e-mail discussion on output power adjustments with M. Warner
> Losh, and I began last night to lay the groundwork for this adjustment
> in my private NetBSD sources.)

That's a good news! Thanks.