Subject: Re: unnumbered links.
To: None <>
From: Dennis Ferguson <>
List: tech-net
Date: 07/23/2002 16:43:29
> >    Does NetBSD support unnumbered links ? I was able to find some brief
> >discussion sometime back but no clear answers. Thanks.
> 	unnumbered link usually means "use the same IP address on ethernet side
> 	and PPP side".  yes, it is supported.

That works for the interface's local address, but in real life "unnumbered
link" often means "I don't know a unicast IP address to use for the box
at the other end of the p2p circuit", and this is tougher to handle when
your interface configuration demands that you configure a destination address
anyway.  You can always just make an address up to configure on the circuit
but not otherwise use it for anything, I guess, but this is kind of a crude
hack replacement for the real thing.

It might be better to put it that NetBSD doesn't support unnumbered interfaces
but what it does support (non-subnetted configuration of addresses on p2p
links) is sufficient for most purposes?

Dennis Ferguson