Subject: Re: route add for ipv6
To: Boo Geum Jung <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/23/2001 20:55:21
>How to add route for ipv6 for static routing?
>Without route and rout6d, I'd like to test static routing.
>In ipv4, it is possible to do static routing.
>Is there any way to add ipv6 route just like "route add
>" in ipv4?
>"route add 2001:230:3:0/64 2001:230:3:0:203:feff:4377:1890" is possible way?
>Or ripng is necessary for ipv6 routing?

route add -inet6 2001:230:3:: -prefixlen 64 2001:230:3::203:feff:4377:1890

note the use of -inet6, -prefixlen, and :: where appropriate.

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